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AMEISE Project: Holistic Research on the Potential of Autonomous Driving in Public Transport

The use of highly automated and autonomous vehicles has the potential to disrupt the way human mobility is currently experienced. Taken the current state of the art, their integration into the existing infrastructure is still in the early stages and thus continues to pose major challenges. These are being holistically addressed and researched as part of the AMEISE industrial research project.

An interdisciplinary project group set up an infrastructure-based, highly-automated and emission-free research project for a passenger transport concept at Ameisenbühl in Waiblingen. The core objective of the project is the finding of answers to the defined research questions. In addition to the economic viability of possible line concepts, these include the technological feasibility, the determination and development of user acceptance, and the changes in the job descriptions of bus drivers – taking inclusivity into account in all aspects. So, the research contribution will be made on an economic, technical, social, and ecological level.

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An application for information regarding the start of the research operation in summer 2022 can be made here:

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