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The AMEISE project - a study on the realization of autonomous public transport

The realization of autonomous bus lines can further strengthen public transport and make them key pillars of the mobility transition. The project’s focus was therefore on the realization. The operation of the autonomous bus line was to that effect accompanied by studies on infrastructural support, its acceptance, traffic econometrics as well as changes in the job profile.

Through the field test in Waiblingen, valuable findings were gained for further tests regarding public acceptance of such a bus line, infrastructural support, and changing job profiles. It showed that people were highly interested in the technology and possible developments through autonomous shuttles. Additional sensors and a smart light signal system supported the tests. The studies regarding job profiles also showed how it could be operated in the future. Now, it is important to put the findings into practice in order to realize autonomous public transport.

Information on the project and its continuation can be found at

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An application for information regarding the start of the research operation in summer 2022 can be made here:

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