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Development of measures to reduce obstacles with regard to financing and the development and operation of charging infrastructure

The members of this mission are drawing up a joint recommendation paper with concrete proposals for action to remove identified obstacles in the area of charging infrastructure.

The interdisciplinary task force is working in small groups to find practicable solutions for the more than 100 obstacles identified in Mission III in 2022. The small groups are working on the key topics of "Optimization of State funding", "Simplification of Approval Processes, Procedures and Standards", "Strategy/Financing" and "Available Spaces". The final report is planned to be available in fall 2023 and will address the state’s legislators and administrators. The paper calls on all bodies of the state government to promote the use of electromobility in their business areas and remove obstacles to its use.

Parties Involved

  • Ministry of Transport Baden-Württemberg
  • e-mobil BW GmbH
  • EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG
  • Netze BW GmbH
  • Städtetag Baden-Württemberg (Association of municipalities in Baden-Württemberg)
  • Verband baden-württembergischer Wohnungs- und Immobilienunternehmen e.V.
  • Verband der Immobilienverwalter
  • Baden-Württemberg e. V.
  • Verband kommunaler Unternehmen e. V. - Baden-Württemberg chapter VfEW Verband für Energie- und Wasserwirtschaft Baden-Württemberg e. V.