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"Powering with the Sun is Wild" – Solar Carport with Smart Charging Infrastructure

As part of the program named Pilot projects in advance of the obligation to roof parking lots with photovoltaic systems, a project by the construction and logistics company Max Wild GmbH from Berkheim was funded with 120,000 euros by the Ministry of the Environment, Climate Protection and Energy Sector.

For this, Max Wild GmbH had a parking lot for employees, customers and visitors roofed in the form of an 840 m² solar carport. In addition, ten AC charging points were installed, each with an output of 22 kW and conforming to calibration regulations. The charging points are connected to both a cloud-based billing system and a local energy management system so that the e-vehicles can be charged mainly with the green electricity that the company generates itself, while avoiding peak loads at the same time. The carport's photovoltaic system has a capacity of 180 kWp with a projected yield of 177,120 kWh per year. This amount is sufficient to charge the equivalent of a range of approximately 885,000 km per year.

A total of 38.9 t of steel, 7.2 t of sheet steel and 67 t of concrete were used for this project. Emissions of approximately 107 t CO2 equivalents can be attributed to this. The effective saving of emissions through the photovoltaic green power corresponds to about 119 t CO2 per year.

Within the framework of the accompanying research, various challenges in the implementation process could be identified and recommendations for the adaptation of the law could be made. Furthermore, additional resource-saving alternatives through, for example, renewable raw materials and overhead glazing (glass-glass photovoltaic modules) were presented.

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