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MobiData BW® – shaping sustainable mobility with open data and mobility services

MobiData BW® is the central state-wide mobility data platform for Baden-Württemberg. The state adopts a far-reaching open data approach, which is met by MobiData BW®.

To achieve the goals of the transport transformation – and Baden-Württemberg's climate protection goals – MobiData BW® makes mobility data across all modes of transport available to the public free of charge, non-discriminatory and largely barrier-free; thus decisively contributing to sustainable, connected, and digital mobility. Based on a simple and transparent licensing model, MobiData BW® makes available data also for commercial purposes. With these data, new mobility services can be developed that offer improved services for all traffic participants. This is MobiData BW®‘s contribution to reliable, socially just, cost-efficient, and individual mobility.

MobiData BW® is operated by Nahverkehrsgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg mbH (NVBW). And MobiData BW® is being continuously expanded through the addition of new data and services. It is not only an accompanying project in the Strategic Dialogue for the Automotive Sector in Baden-Württemberg but also an important building block in Baden-Württemberg's contribution to the Mobility Data Space (MDS), which focuses on Germany as a whole.

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Project Management: Nahverkehrsgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg mbH

Involved: Ministry of Transport, Department 5 – Mobility Center, Connected and Digital Mobility

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