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InKoMo 4.0: Innovation Partnerships between Municipalities and Mobility Industry 4.0

In addition to the automotive industry, the Strategy Dialogue Automotive Industry BW also focuses on local authorities as key players in the implementation of digital mobility concepts.  The InKoMo 4.0 project (Innovation Partnership of Municipalities and the Mobility Industry 4.0) sees flexible, sustainable and intelligently networked mobility as the basis for achieving transport and climate protection goals. In particular, the consolidation and provision of mobility-relevant data plays a central role.
The project therefore aims to network solution providers from the smart city sector with a focus on digital mobility with municipal partners in Baden-Württemberg. The goal is to realize locational advantages for municipalities and the economy by scaling innovative technologies. Through an online networking platform, targeted matchmaking events and knowledge transfer, the transformation of the automotive industry and sustainable and resilient mobility at the municipal level will be intensively supported.

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