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Haid power: Development and testing center for batteries and energy storage systems

The first results and successes in the Haid-Power project can be seen. The results include the successful specification, design and the procurement of the majority of the equipment for the planned testing facilities. Furthermore, the energy requirements of the new laboratories in Haidhaus for the first stage of expansion have been determined and an analysis of the existing power supply has been carried out. Further works include the design and simulation-based validation of the expected power requirements for the planned further expansion of the new site. Based on these results, a call for tenders for a hybrid battery storage system was issued. In parallel with the tender for the battery storage system, the load management system was successfully developed.

The integration of the hybrid battery storage system with a capacity and output of 840 kWh and 600 kW is a key element of the innovative power supply infrastructure and is progressing rapidly. With the commissioning in Q4 2022, the energy storage system was put in operation together with the existing rooftop PV system.  The hybrid storage system has become an essential part of the infrastructure of the new battery development center and has also been used in some research projects. This is a major gain for the practical and operational validation and testing of C&I hybrid storage systems. The comprehensive load management system that was developed to measure and control non-critical devices of the building infrastructure will also be tested after the storage unit is connected to the new main distribution system.

Thanks to the funding provided for the Haid-Power project by the federal and state ministries, the participating Fraunhofer Institutes ISE and EMI have expanded their existing portfolios regarding electrical, mechanical and thermal testing of battery cells and systems which are essential for consistent quality assurance of battery systems as central elements of the automotive industry of the future.

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Project Management: Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE

Participating institutes: Fraunhofer Ernst-Mach-Institute

Funding volume: 3 million euros

Funded by


Nils Reiners

ISE Fraunhofer
Bötzinger Straße 31
79111 Freiburg im Breisgau