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Focus groups employees in the automotive industry and its suppliers

The transformation heavily impacts employees in the supplier industries. In order to learn about how they perceive the changes, what their suggestions and ideas are for a successful transformation process and what will be required for it, two focus group sessions were held online. Thirty-three employees from supplier companies in Baden-Württemberg took part. They came from various companies and represented different positions and areas of responsibility. The majority of the participants work in R&D. There were also participants from production, administration, management, human resources, and finance. A smaller proportion of employees work in sales, procurement, maintenance, plant operation, and logistics.
The key findings were:

  • Employees are aware of and feel the transformation.
  • There is a lack of knowledge about developments, changes, technologies and innovations.
  • Politics, companies and society should point at positive perspectives. Dialog formats are important.
  • A certain degree of distrust towards executives is becoming apparent. A more open communication is necessary.
  • Lifelong learning, continuous professional development and qualification are key for employees.
  • There is a need for factual and fact-based discussions, e.g. on alternative drives, fuels and mobility solutions beyond cars.


#Dialogue, Participation and Networking

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