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© Niklas Bargen (Mobima/KIT)

Exploration of hybridization measures using the example of a hydraulic excavator

Within the scope of the joint research project of the Institute of Mobile Machines (Mobima) of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and stoba e-systems GmbH, various hybridization concepts were investigated and evaluated regarding their potential for increasing efficiency. As a first step, hybridization measures were researched that are suitable for the various operations of an excavator. At the same time, an experimental vehicle was equipped with extensive measurement technology so that comprehensive data could be collected, and statistically validated reference cycles could be determined.

To evaluate the hybridization concepts, an overall simulation model was created of the experimental vehicle and parameterized. The model was extended to include suitable hybridization approaches and subjected to various simulations based on determined reference cycles. Based on these simulations and further computational analyses, it was possible to determine the potential for increasing efficiency and fuel savings for selected hybridization concepts.

#Vehicle Technology

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