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Eco Fleet Services – A Marketplace for Sustainable Corporate Mobility

The steady process towards urbanization and increases in employment have led to high traffic volumes in inner-city areas. Two out of three trips on working days are business-related trips or journeys. A study by the University of Hohenheim and a mobility study by Fraunhofer IAO show the potential of municipalities in this regard. While around 40 percent of internal mobility resources are booked by secretaries, there often are no internal solutions at all for the use of external mobility service providers such as bike sharing. The primary objective of Eco Fleet Services was to research, develop and test an open mobility marketplace for corporate mobility.

The successfully implemented solutions were tested in a pilot phase together with the Office of Traffic Management of the City of Heidelberg. Users were able to book company vehicles, car or bike sharing services, and even a local bike courier service. A custom-developed app facilitated its use and also served as a digital key.

#Transport Solutions and Scaling


  • Eco Fleet Services help to optimize operational mobility and make it more sustainable
  • Study including over 100 cities and municipalities demonstrates potentials
  • Pilot phase allows booking of company vehicles, of car and bike sharing services, public transport, or a bike courier via browser or app

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