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© Fraunhofer IPA, Projektleiterin: Duygu Kaus, TP Leiter: Günther Riexinger und seine Gruppe

DigiBattPro 4.0 – BW: Digitalized Battery Production 4.0

Digitalization offers important tools for the lifecycle-oriented assessment and optimization of the environmental compatibility of energy storage systems. It facilitates the improvement of product quality as well as the increase of resource efficiency in production.

The goal of the DigiBattPro 4.0 project is the holistic digitalization of battery cell production. The digitalization of the entire process is to significantly contribute to increasing and stabilizing the product quality of lithium-ion battery cells. The digitalization strategies were researched and tested during the first project phase withing the framework of the existing CoinPower production. The aim is to then transfer and expand the developed solutions to the new pilot production unit (round cell 21700) to be procured for research purposes. In addition to the digitalization concept, electrode developments were also investigated to further the project objective. The Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research (ZSW) contributes its expertise regarding the production of high-performance electrodes. The goal is to advance electrode production from the laboratory to pilot production scale.

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Key figures of the project

  • Development of production technology that is competitive and suitable for mass production in the Industry 4.0
  • Funding from the state of Baden-Württemberg in the amount of 8 million euros
  • Project duration: 2 years and 4 months (successful project completion on 30-Apr-2021)

Synergies between research and production

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