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DeMoBat: Industrial Disassembly of Battery Modules and Electric Motors

The joint project DeMoBat comprises the development of the functions and tools for the automated disassembly of battery modules and electric drive units. In addition to the construction of three functional demonstrators for the disassembly of battery systems, of battery modules and of drive units, digital twins are to be created that will enable in-depth analyses and simulations of the processes and allow the assessment of battery conditions. The project will also investigate under which conditions and to which extent active material components that are recovered during the recycling of battery cells can be reused in the production of new battery cells.

DeMoBat explicitly targets industrial applications. The overall project, in which 12 partners from industry and science are working together, is divided into three subprojects. Subproject 1 represents the conceptual superstructure and integrates the dismantling process into a circular economy, taking into account economic aspects. Subprojects 2 and 3 deal with the automated dismantling of batteries and electric drive units, i. e. those assemblies in electric cars with the highest individual values. The results are expected to make important contributions to increasing sustainability in the electromobility environment, securing important raw materials, and strengthening Germany as a business location.

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