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Citizens' forum Digitalisation of Mobility

In four sessions from April to July 2021, about 30 citizens expressed their wishes, concerns, and ideas within the framework of the Digitalisation of Mobility citizens' forum. They were supported by experts who held brief motivational talks. The citizens' forum demonstrated connected mobility in practice with application examples and concrete projects, for example, the DLR U-Shift or MobiWert in the city of Neckarsulm, a project under the InKoMo 4.0 funding program. The following recommendations for action were developed within the framework of the citizens' forum:

Autonomous driving is seen as a great opportunity, but at the same time it must not result in more traffic. Acceptance will be difficult without a good balance between ecology, economy, and social issues. Public transportation plays a major role in the connected mobility systems. Also, more courage to use digital services is needed. The collection of mobility data is not a problem in principle. However, it should be evaluated for the benefit of the users and used to improve the services. Data usage should be transparent and comprehensible. The forum asks for more participation when implementing digital mobility. The fundamental decisions in urban and mobility planning are of crucial importance. There is a strong focus on the participation of all. This includes the socially disadvantaged, but also rural regions. These aspects must be taken into consideration in the corresponding planning. The findings and the 60 recommendations for action that were developed will be incorporated into the further work of the SDA.


#Dialogue, Participation and Networking

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