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Charging Management: A Decisive Factor for the Integration of E-mobility into the Grid

Around 85 percent of the more than 47,000 registered charging points in the territory of Netze BW are currently private wallboxes. With up to more than 2,000 new registrations per month and an installed charging capacity of 609 MW, this trend challenges our power grid considerably. Netze BW is meeting these challenges with four key areas of action: These include a customer-friendly registration process for charging infrastructure, early detection of grid bottlenecks, optimization of the existing power grid, and a forward-looking and future-proof grid reinforcement.

Important components of this strategy are the NETZlabor labs. There, Netze BW is investigating how the integration of electric vehicles into the power grid can be successful in real-life scenarios. E-Mobility-Carré with focus on the integration of 58 charging points in the underground parking garage of an apartment building was followed by NETZlabor E-Mobility-Chaussee and NETZlabor Smart Home Charging – and all projects were completed equally successfully.

In the rural project area of E-Mobility-Chaussee, dynamic charging management turned out to be the best technological approach for grid optimization – without any noticeable restrictions for the project participants. On average, network utilization was reduced by about 30 percent, and the maximum capacity of the existing network infrastructure for electric vehicles was increased by almost 100 percent according to simulations.

In the NETZlabor project for smart home charging the implementation of a scalable solution for controlling private charging points serving the grid was developed in several stages and at five locations. The control of charging processes via the smart measurement system including control box is to be used as a standardized technology in the future: In the field tests, load peaks caused by electric vehicles could be reduced by 30-48 percent with this technology – again without any mobility restrictions for our customers!

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