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AgiloBat – Agile Production System for Li-Ion Batteries

In the AgiloBat project, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and its partners are researching the future of battery cell production in Germany. With the aim of making battery cell production more flexible in terms of format, material, and quantities, the scientists are developing fully automated agile production systems in microenvironments.

Current production systems for battery cells produce standardized cells that are not specifically adapted to customer requirements. This is where AgiloBat comes in with the development of innovative production solutions that, due to their flexibility and openness in terms of technology, can respond quickly to both industry requirements and new findings from fundamental research.

Within this research project, a production system is being developed that is completely modular in terms of hardware and software. Its flexibility is achieved by novel kinematic processes, and it has already been successfully implemented in cell assembly processes. This agile production system aims to reach a degree of flexibility with regard to production volumes that is suitable for the fully automated, series-ready, and economical production of medium and small batches. However, the system can also be used for larger quantities by scaling it up as required. A pilot plant is being designed for the established lithium-ion technology that, in the production process, translates all individual requirements into parameters for battery cells and generates a suitable battery system from shape-flexible and individually optimized cells.

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Florian Kößler, M.Sc.

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, wbk Institute of Production Science
Group Leader Agile Production Systems