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Enhanced efficiency through the use of artificial intelligence

1. Establishment of a state-wide LSA cloud

The development of a state-owned LSA cloud (traffic light cloud) is complete. On the one hand, the cloud enables operational monitoring of the connected traffic light systems. On the other hand, the light signal systems in the cloud can be linked with each other as part of traffic management strategies, e.g. to give priority to public transport or to smoothen traffic flows. In the future, in addition to embedding the light signal systems in superordinate strategic control systems, traffic light control is to be expanded with the help of artificial intelligence on site and also V2X communication to optimize traffic management for all modes of transport (motorized private transport, public transport, on foot and by bicycle). In connection with the commissioning of the BW traffic management center (traffic control center), a linkage of it with MobiData BW and the Mobilithek is being planned in order to publish the data of the connected traffic signal systems, thus making it available to a wide range of users.

2. AI Innovation Park Baden-Württemberg in Heilbronn

Following an ecosystem approach, the Innovation Park Artificial Intelligence (IPAI) in Heilbronn aims to connect companies operating nationally and internationally, start-ups, associations and societal stakeholders, as well as stakeholders from academic and public institutions, that wish to develop and promote AI-based solutions. In addition to Porsche, other SDA partners and stakeholders have already moved into offices on the IPAI premises or are jointly working on projects.

The focus of the SDA mission Innovation Park Artificial Intelligence (IPAI) is on the exchange of ideas on AI in a new dialog format. Together with small and medium-sized enterprises in Baden-Württemberg, we are discussing how AI can help us to future-proof business models.

Parties Involved

  • Ministry of Transport Baden-Württemberg
  • Ministry of the Interior, Digitalisation and Local Government Baden-Württemberg
  • Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Tourism Baden-Württemberg
  • Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG