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"Wir machen Mobilitätswende!” award for innovative mobility services

Sustainable mobility is no longer a niche topic. Many are working really hard to make mobility more sustainable. This commitment should be honoured and inspire others. Therefore the state sponsored the award "Wir machen Mobilitätswende!" which was launched as part of the SDA. In 2020, the award winners were persons, companies and institutions in Baden-Württemberg that innovatively and sustainably changed mobility in the state. Out of 20 nominations, seven innovative projects in the areas of public transport, rezoning, and electromobility, as well as communication and mobility data, convinced the expert jury. They were honoured at a digital award ceremony on 3 December 2020 by Minister of Transport Winfried Hermann, Member of State Parliament, together with poetry slammers Fee Brembeck and Lisa-Maria Olszakiewicz.

The award-winning projects are multifarious: With the "MyShuttle" app, busses can be ordered and with the "regiomove" service, all means of transport can be connected digitally. The "Smarte KARRE" service realizes car sharing in rural areas, and "Carla Cargos Fahrrad-Lastenanhänger" can even be seen in New York. Constance is creating space for the beautiful things in the city centre, Stuttgart experiments with pop-up bike lanes, and "Electrify-BW e.V." provides information on all aspects of e-cars. This award is a way to start broad discussions about new mobility and the flexibility of business models and framework conditions with various target groups and associations. This makes modern climate-friendly mobility more concrete and understandable for the people in the state.


#Dialogue, Participation and Networking

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