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Public transport based on hydrogen and fuel cell technology

In addition to battery-electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles can support zero-emission mobility, especially in long-distance transport, with buses and commercial vehicles. Especially fuel cell buses have seen rapid developments in a market for innovative emission-free drives using hydrogen as energy carriers. Buses in local public transport can get by with one filling station and do not require an extensive network of infrastructure. They also appeal to the public and relieve cities of pollutants. Compared to battery-electric buses, fuel cell buses powered by renewable hydrogen show clear advantages. These include a longer range, short refuelling times, and significantly lower use of critical materials.

To initiate and support hydrogen mobility, the SDA called for tenders for the development of regional hydrogen concepts for public transport. Concept studies were to be developed for cities and regions in Baden-Württemberg to determine the potential of a hydrogen infrastructure for public transport. In a first step, the needs and opportunities in the various cities and regions of Baden-Württemberg were analysed. By the end of 2019, concept studies were prepared for the cities of Heidelberg, Offenburg, Freiburg, Constance and Waiblingen.

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