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Future Workshop 4.0: Innovation showcase, training center and event location for the automotive trade

The services offered by Zukunftswerkstatt 4.0 are specifically aimed at companies in the automotive trade. They support car dealerships and workshops in dealing with the diverse changes of the technological transformation process. For this, the structures of a modern car dealership are mirrored on around 450 square meters. The aim is to give the industry stakeholders along the customer processes in sales and aftersales an overview of the innovative technologies and systems of today and tomorrow. The actual processes in car dealerships are critically questioned and new business models are tested. A visit to the Future Workshop 4.0 in Esslingen is recommended for all employees and decision-makers in the industry alike – from apprentices to service and sales consultants or managers.

Visitors to the Future Workshop 4.0 can find inspiration and new ideas at this neutral platform from about 130 innovation partners on how they can make their day-to-day business more efficient and future-oriented. In addition to the workshop and showroom, multifunctional rooms with the latest conference technology are available for a variety of usages. This environment allows the linkage of theory and applications at the highest level. An extensive partner network with over 130 partners was established around the Future Workshop 4.0.

#Distribution and Aftersales


Future Workshop 4.0

  • Innovations for car dealerships and workshops
  • Central location in Esslingen
  • Unique industry network with over 130 partner companies
  • Showroom, workshop, and seminar rooms

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