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Center for Digitalized Battery Cell Manufacturing

The Center for Digitalized Battery Cell Manufacturing (ZDB) was established as part of a first funding phase and is now set to be extended with new topics. Research is being conducted into how the production of lithium-ion battery cells can be optimized technically and economically through digitalization. The complementary topics include the manufacture of solid-state batteries and processes for closed-loop recycling. The main processes for manufacturing electrode materials and assembling round cells have been implemented technologically. The digitalization and connection of the processes on a cloud platform has created a unique infrastructure in the research landscape that allows the researching and solving of current and future production engineering challenges. The research findings are expected to help lower the hurdles for a transfer to industrial series production.

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Current and planned research and development focus areas:

  • Development, optimization, and implementation of processes for paste production, cell assembly, parts cleaning and, in the future, the winding of electrodes and their forming and storage.
  • Sampling and prototyping for validation purposes
  • Inline control and visualization of processes and states and the setting up of digital twins to optimize planning, design, and operation
  • Plant, line, and interface concepts under the aspects of modularization, automation, scalability, miniaturization and standardization
  • Processing of cell materials and production of solid-state batteries
  • Design of clean and dry rooms and suitability testing of materials and equipment for use in clean and dry ambience conditions.

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