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Analysis of the modernisation of the Baden-Württemberg state fleet

The state administration is an important role model with regard to climate protection and its fleet. It has therefore committed itself to the goal of sustainable mobility concepts for the state's vehicle fleet. One element is its gradual conversion.

Often, there is still a lack of information and advice with regard to the segment of vehicles with alternative drives. The distributed structure of the state’s vehicle fleet also means that individual agencies often experience difficulties in finding information about new vehicles, their availability and delivery times, and any special discounts that are offered for them. This makes it even more difficult for many agencies to procure vehicles with alternative drives. To facilitate this, a joint interdepartmental tender platform is planned to be developed and implemented. The joint portal supports administrations in procurement matters and strengthens their negotiating position vis-à-vis the manufacturers to negotiate volume discounts.

Against this background, e-mobil BW was commissioned to conduct an analysis of the state of Baden-Württemberg’s vehicle fleet. This is to clarify the extent to which the state's vehicle fleet can be powered with alternative drives and how procurement can be supported with collective tenders. Recommendations for actions will be based on the inventory and the analysis of the fleet potential.


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