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Companies for climate protection

The mission "Companies for Climate Protection" supports companies in the automotive sector with their transition processes towards climate neutrality. The programs within the framework of the "Companies for Climate Protection" strategy help enterprises to implement corporate climate protection measures in a systematic and structured way and to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition to the product-oriented transformation of the automotive industry -from fossil fueled combustion engines to more climate-friendly drive technologies - a second, process-oriented transformation towards climate-neutral production and value creation must take place at the same time. The mission informs and raises awareness in companies through information and networking events within the framework of the climate protection strategy "Companies for Climate Protection" and points out systematic and structured options to realize the climate-friendly transformation.

Parties Involved

  • Ministry of the Environment, Climate Protection and the Energy Sector Baden-Württemberg
  • Competence Center for Climate Protection in Companies BW (UTBW)
  • Climate Alliance BW - companies from the automotive industry:
  • Dürr AG
  • ElringKlinger AG
  • Progress-Werk Oberkirch AG
  • Robert Bosch GmbH